How to worship Lord Shiva: 5 things you should avoid offering on Mahashivratri 2019

Bholenaath se Mila Do…Here’s how you can praise and meet Lord Shiva.  

Known by hundreds of names Bholenaath, is the supreme god and destroyer of evil. When praying with a pure heart, Lore Shiva is pleased easily and will answer the prayers. But some things could make him really angry…read on to find out

As Shivratri 2019 has arrived, devotees of Bhole want to praise him in the manner which pleases him the most.

On Mahashivratri Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati and all devotees celebrate it with praising them.

Maha shivratri 2019 date

There is a lot of confusion regarding the date this year, but 4 March 2019 is the confirmed date for Shivratri this year. We will also share the 6 steps for Mahashivratri worship in this post which are important for getting blessings of Lord Shiva.

5 Things to avoid on Mahashivratri 2019:

We share 5 things which can anger Bholenath and you must completely avoid them. Offering these could have negative effects as these things are prohibited & should never be offered to  Shivlinga.

If you want to praise Bhole and have his blessings showered upon you, you must follow the traditional method of doing pooja on Shivratri while avoiding these 5 these:

1.Haldi & Kumkum

Both of these things are used by Indian women for enhancing beauty and praying for their husband’s long life. But since Shiva is known as god of destruction, it’s not wise to offer Haldi and Kumkum to him.

2. Avoid Wearing Black

On this auspicious day, no one should wear black while worshiping. You should totally avoid this color on Mahashivratriand wear light colors.

3. Tulsi

Although Tulsi is considered as Goddess among Hindus, you must avoid offering Lord Shiva. It is believed  Tulsi had cursed Shankar & told that he will always be deprived of her purity and she won’t be there in his worship.

4. The Cursed Flower- Ketki 

It is believed Shiva cursed Ketki flower and since then no one offers it to Shivlinga. Although white flowers are offered, this one should be avoided so that you don’t anger him.

5. Coconut Water 

It’s important that when you worship Shiva, you should avoiding offering  Nariyal Pani (coconut water). It’s pure and is generally used in other Hindu pooja, but if you offer it to the Shivlinga, don’t take it as Prasad.

Now you which things anger Bholenaath, we are sure you will avoid them every time you worship him.

How to worship Lord Shiva this Mahashivratri? 

You now know that Maha Shivratri 2019 date is 4 March so let’s see the right way to do Shivratri 2019 pooja. Follow this 6 step worship ritual after you take an early morning bath and we are sure Mahakaal would send his endless blessings to you.

1.    Jal Abhishek should be done with these three things: water, honey, & milk.

2.    After bathing the Shivlinga, Vermillion paste is applied.

3.    Following the traditional rituals, you must offer at least five fruits (jujube or bair is             Bhole’s favorite fruit!)

4.    Burning Chandan incense (you can use other as well)

5.    Lighting the ghee lamp

6.    Offering wood apple leaves (bel Patra) and Dhatura

After doing all these steps, you must pray & thank Mahadev and Goddess Parvati. We are sure this pooja is easy to follow and will help you in bringing positivity in your life!