3 Blogging Mistakes That Beginners Make and How to Avoid them?

Certain things on your Blog could get you in serious trouble. This post guides you so that you never make such deadly mistakes on your blog.
Some of these mistakes are silly yet beginner bloggers make them unintentionally. Let’s take a look at the 3 biggest mistakes which you should never make on your Blog.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid As a (Beginner) Blogger:
1. Plagiarism
This is one of the biggest mistakes beginner bloggers make either to avoid hard work or to earn faster. Copying the content from other blogs and using it on your own can put you in serious trouble.
There are several bloggers who duplicate and use the content from established and famous blogs. This gets them traffic and helps them to make money from blogging by stealing the hard work of others. 
It certainly seems like a get-rich-quick scheme to many, but in reality, it’s the worst thing to do as a “Blogger”.

Check this step-by-step guide to start your own blog.

Sometimes people may want to use/quote or highlight someone else’s content in blog post without stealing or copying the content. If this is the case then, you can only do this by taking permission of content creator.
What happens if you are caught for Plagiarism on your Blog?
Google has smart algorithms and bots which constantly find and remove things which are copied from original source without permission. In case you have plagiarized content on blog and if you’ve made any money from it, you are liable to pay a fine which can be up to 10 times the amount you have earned. 
Even if you have not earned anything but used content without permission, creators can take legal actions.
2. Using Copyright Images
Blog Posts look interesting when they have beautiful images, isn’t it?
When starting blogging, most bloggers make fault of using pictures from various sources on internet. But do you know most of these images are copyright content and must not be used by others without taking prior permission?
We have a habit of searching for images on Google, and when we find pretty ones we instantly download them and use them in blog posts. 
Remember, these images are not supposed to be used like this and may lead you in trouble of paying heavy charges to the owner of image.
Punishment for Copyright Infringement:
You will have to face penalties for using copyright images on blog. The person must pay the actual dollar amount for all the profits and damages to the owner. 

The infringer is also liable to pay all the court costs, attorney costs apart from the penalty charges which may lie in the range of $200 to $1,50,000.
This cost may differ in cases depending upon the damages done or the profits earned by the user of such image. 
Then How Do I use Images in my Blog Posts without infringing copyright?
There are two ways to use images on your blog:

Free Stock Images
There are multiple websites that offer thousands of free images to be used. Free to use in blog posts, creating pins and any other personal or commercial use without taking permission or giving credit to creator. Here’s a list of 8 Places to Find Free Beautiful Images for Blog
Buy Stock Images
Websites which offer free images also have a huge pool of images that you can buy and use. Most people are fine with using free images but if you want more sophisticated, beautiful images then you could buy these from various websites.
Instead of busing free stock images, using purchased stock images would create a branded image of your blog.
3. Not Having Privacy Policy
It’s very important to have Privacy Policy on blog because it allows your readers to know:
•Whether you collect personal information like name, email etc.
• How do you collect & store information?
•Why do you require personal information and how it will benefit the readers?
•If you share this info with third parties and allow them to use or store such data
If you take readers information on blog or wish to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing or advertisements, it’s compulsory to have Privacy Policy. 
But even if you don’t ask for readers information, it’s always good to have a Privacy Policy to make your blog secure and professional.
How to create a Privacy Policy for Blog?
You can write it on your own or use the help of a lawyer. You may find it difficult to write on your own because privacy policies are a bit complicated. And paying to a lawyer for this would not be everyone’s choice.
You can get it online for free on privacy policy generators.
These 3 things must be avoided on your blog. Make sure to share it and Pin on your favorite group boards so that others can keep their blogs safe too.

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