12 Best Work from Home Jobs for 2020

There are some best work from home jobs available in abundance and many people are earning a stable income from them. 
Read on to know the top work at home jobs that can help you in making extra money on the side. But before that, a let’s get the answer to a common question,
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Are Work From Home Jobs Legit? 

Many people who are skeptical about the genuineness of online jobs always wonder why they should work from home and find jobs on the internet. Majority of people still think that online jobs are nothing but a scam. 
But they are not aware that there are some best work from home jobs that are 100% legit and real. 

I would like to say that not all online jobs are scams and you can find some real ones to make a side income from home. 


work at home jobs

In fact, I had already found some of the legit work at home jobs that you can find here. All you have to do is simply apply to them and start earning from them by doing some work. 

Best Work From Home Jobs For 2020:

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Before you take a look at these stay at home jobs, you should know that you can do just one of them or all of them. It just depends on the time that you have and are willing to dedicate towards these work at home jobs. 

1. Blogging: The best work from home job 

I would love to call it the best one in this list because it can become truly life changing for anybody.
Blogging is one of the best Ways to make real money from anywhere in the world.  

You have to start a blog in a topic that’s high in demand and something which you can write about. 
 It can take real dedication to stick to blogging and make real money.  But it can be so rewarding that it can be turned into a full fledged business which you can operate from anywhere on the entire  planet.
 It’s going to take you less than $3.95 a month to start your blog if you use this link. Blogging is a lucrative business and it can work for anybody who is patient, dedicated and consistent. 
How to earn money from blog?
There are many ways in which you can monetize your blog including display advertisement,  sponsored post,affiliate marketing, selling digital products(like ebooks and online courses) and offering service packages ( like web designing,  article writing,or blog setup).
You can even offer coaching services to your clients if you are having some expertise in a particular skill or domain like  fitness,fashion or dieting. 
How much you can earn from blogging?
Would depend on the niche  that you choose and the way you monitor is your blog.  There are many bloggers who are earning 500 to 2000 Dollars with the help of display ads and affiliate marketing with good traffic (25000 page views a month). 
The best thing about blogging is that it can be turned into a passive income stream after you have a loyal audience who read your blog regularly. 

2. Freelance writing jobs at home

 Freelance writing jobs are great for those who love to write and want to earn money from this  skill.You do not require any previous writing experience to start freelance writing. 
If you already have some knowledge or work experience about writing then this could be an added bonus but it is not compulsory to have this. 
How to find freelance writing jobs at home?
 There are many websites offering freelance writing gigs and start working at home.  I would suggest that you read my post I have mentioned 7 freelance websites where you can find writing jobs. 
How much you can earn?
Freelance writing can become a good source of income for those who want to work from home.  
I have done freelance writing for many clients along with my partner and we have been successful in earning a decent income from freelance writing.
 Once you find some clients who are willing to pay you God for your writing, then you can expect to earn $100- $500 extra per month.And once you have a solid portfolio of many clients, then you can even charge more than $200 for a single blog post. 

3. Baby sitter & child care jobs 

Yes you can actually make money by taking care of cute little kids of other people.  There are many parents have to go to work but they want someone to take care of their child in their absence. 
 If you like to spend time with kids then this could be an awesome work at home job for you as you will be paid to take care of a child. 
How to find child care jobs? 
 The best way to sign up with the website that offer search jobs.  To popular websites are Sittercity.com and Care.com. You can even ask people in your neighborhood for friends who are willing to hire someone for child care. 
 How much you can earn as a babysitter or from childcare jobs?
 You can charge between 15 to 20 Dollars per hour of taking care of someone child.   So,if you work for 5 hours as a babysitter and earn $20 per hour,you can easily make $100 in a week and around $400/ month!
Isn’t it an amazing way to earn money while playing around with cute kids?

4. Social media  work from home jobs

Social media is not just posting selfies and scrolling.  It can actually help you in making a good chunk of money if you know how to use it correctly. 
If you know how to use social media then you can get paid for:
1. Posting Facebook ads
2. Planning and running Facebook ad campaigns
3. Scheduling and posting content on Facebook or Instagram
4. Creating captions and Graphics for social media
5.Mixing online groups  on Facebook
6. Designing promotional campaigns for products/  brands
7. Conducting online event through social media
How to find these social media jobs?
The best way is to create a free account on different freelance websites because many people post  such jobs on these websites.
I would suggest you to create a solid profile on differentfreelance websites  so that you can increase your chances of getting these social media management gigs which are often considered among the best work from home jobs.
How much you can earn?
You can charge per task or on the hourly basis. Many people earn $15 to $50 for each task that they do. So you can easily earn $500 or more from doing social media work from home jobs.

5. Affiliate marketing:

It is one of the most used methods to make money online and work from home.
You can earn from affiliate marketing without starting a blog.  You can directly sign out for some affiliate networks and programs and find the product that you would like to promote.
When you generate sales for these product you will get paid in the form of a Commission. 
 But it’s best to start doing affiliate marketing through your own blog because you can on more.
You can turn on display ads on your affiliate marketing website and make money. 
How to earn from affiliate marketing?
I would recommend you to promote those products that you really like.  You will have to sign up with some affiliate networks like Maxbounty, Igain, Impact radius and CJ affiliate. 
Next, look for products that you would like to promote and write detailed, guides or articles about them on your blog. Promote these articles on quora and pinterest. 

6. Testing websites

Another great work from home job is to test websites. There are many websites and platforms which will pay you good money for testing the website. 

You will have to visit the websites which you are assigned and then take some surveys or answers certain questions which are sometimes related to user experience of that website. 
Testing a website can take you 20 minutes or more so that means you can test multiple websites in a day. 
How to do website testing and earn money?
There are many platforms which you can sign up for and begin testing websites. Some of these are Userzoom, Usertesting, Testingtime, Validately etc. 
How much you can earn from testing websites?
Each test may pay you $10 or $20 depending upon the website category and size. So if you can test 40 or 50 websites a month, you can easily earn $500 on the side. 

7. Work From Home as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant 

Their are any bloggers and brands who require help in managing or growing their pinterest account. If you know how to create and upload images to pinterest, then you can easily become a Pinterest VA. 
This is among the best work from jobs for anyone who loves pinterest and this is especially great for stay at home moms. 
How to become a Pinterest VA?
You’ll have to contact bloggers or brands through emails and ask to assist them.
You can even check facebook groups because there are many bloggers looking for pinterest virtual assistants who can manage their pinterest profiles. 
How much you can earn as a virtual assistant?
Many VA’s charge around $20+ for an hour of working but even if you are just starting this, you can charge $10 per hour.
So if you manage to work as a VA for multiple accounts, then you can surely earn $500 or more monthly. 

8. Publish books on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) 

This is another amazing work at home job that can give you a complete passive income source. You can join the KDP platform for free and publish your online books. 
There are many people who have made it into a successful business and earn a consistent income through KDP. 
How to earn money from KDP?
Kindle allows you to publish books in different categories and topics including fitness, romance, health, finance etc. The books are published in electronic form and people can get instant access when they purchase the book. 
How much you can earn from KDP?
You can earn 70% royalty & 35% royalty based on the price of the book. Some authors are consistently making $500 or more each month in royalties. 
The more books you can publish on KDP, the more you can earn through this platform. Read more about it here.  

9. Sell Printables

If you know how to make printables, then you can sell them online. There are many people who are looking for printables like birthday planners, invitations, habit trackers and binders. 
Even if you do not have such skills, you can learn them from online tutorials and videos. 
How to sell printables online?
You can sell printables by posting them on marketplaces like Etsy, Creative Market & Creative Fabrica. Or you can create a shop on your own blog and sell printables there. 
How much you can earn from selling printables/
You can earn more if you add more products to your portfolio. There are some bloggers who are consistently earning an extra $500 by selling printables through the blog and marketplaces like Creative Market.
Check out this blogger who is consistently earning $100 on the side by selling beautiful printables. 

10. Creating Online Courses

Online courses are among the best ways to earn money from home. I can say this confidently from my own experience.
Earning from online courses is possible because the e-learning industry is estimated to become a billion-dollar industry in the next 5 years. 
How to earn money from selling online courses?
You can sell online courses using your own website or you can publish them on marketplaces like Udemy, stackcommerce, Skillshare etc. 
The benefit of using marketplaces is that they will bring you students and will pay you a share on the students who enroll in your classes. 
How much you can earn from making & selling online courses?
Certain courses will earn more on marketplaces like web development, digital marketing or social media courses. Because such topics are high in demand.
But you can create courses on those topics which you have skills or knowledge. 
It’s possible to make $500 or more each month if you create a course that is demanded by a lot of people. 

11. Make and sell crafts 

Some people love to create craft items and they are extremely good at this. If you have this type of skill then you can easily setup your virtual shop using platforms like etsy or shopify or amazon
How to sell crafts & make money?
You can sell your crafts using online platforms or you can sell them at a local fair or exhibition. This can become a very lucrative & profitable work from home jobs if you like to make crafts. 
How much you can earn from selling crafts?
You can earn $500 or more depending upon how you price your products. If you sell 10 products that are priced at $50 each, you can easily make five hundred dollars. 
The best tip for earning through this is that you should always network with those who can spread the word about your crafts. 

12. Create a dropshipping store

Dropshipping is among the best work from home jobs for many people. There are some people who have started a successful dropshipping store on a part time basis and slowly turned it into a full business. 
Dropshipping is great because you do not have to make the product or keep inventory.
You can simply list out a great product on your online store and when someone places an order, you have to inform the manufacturer and they’ll ship the product. 
So basically you’ll act as mediator and earn money for every sale. 
How to earn money from dropshipping?
You can start dropshipping store on amazon, shopify and earn money. 
How much you can earn from dropshipping store?
There is no upper limit because many people earn $1,00,000 or more each year from dropshipping. If you want to make profits, you will have to find a good product which has a lot of demand but less competition. 

So these were the best work from home jobs that you must try this year. They are easy to start and you can actually make some extra money while working from home. 

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