Heart to Heart with Koricon Nala: An Amazing Youtuber and Awesome Movie Reviewer

Kinggs Writer presents the first ever interview post, with Koricon Nala (Youtuber).  

Koricon Nala always knew he wanted to review movies. He makes amazing reaction and reviews for American and Indian movies and is an active Youtuber. He started his journey on YouTube in October, 2015 and has fans all across the globe, who love his movie reviews. 
He has done reaction and reviews on famous Indian movie like Padmavat, Baahubali 2, Vikram Vedha, Pari, Padman, Raees and many more. Make sure you see his awesome reviews and reactions here

koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions

He has two jobs, yet he manages to upload videos regularly to entertain his fans. Read on to find out amazing things about Koricon Nala, and his tips for Youtubers which he shared in his interview with KinggsWriter, taken by Vishal and Shubhi. 

Q. How do you find the inspiration for every video? You keep your content fresh and engaging, how do you do that?

Koricon: I basically treat the camera, like it is the people that are commenting on the video. So when I look at the camera, I am seeing the names from the comment section in my head. I treat it like a person, as if there is somebody there. And I talk to the camera like I would with anybody in real life.
koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions

Q. You have couple of channels? 

Koricon: The channel was getting too cluttered with lot of random stuff so I decided to split the channels up. Both my Indian and American fans can subscribe to these channels.
You can check the American Film Content by Koricon right here 
Q. What message you would give to someone who wants to start a YouTube channel?

Koricon: Be yourself; don’t try to be a character or someone different, because it’s not sustainable. You can’t be a character every day. If you lie all the time, eventually it will catch up with you. You are gonna crack, the channel is gonna fall. 

So Just be yourself. What makes any YouTube channel interesting is not the content but the people in it. I just do my thing, I be myself, and people who are interested will find me. I don’t do anything to get views like clickbait. 
koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions

Q. One super power for a day, which would you choose?

Koricon: Can I have the super power of winning the lottery? WOW! I would say incredible strength, but I have already got that! May be fly, it would be cool to fly around like superman and see a bunch of stuff that I have never been able to see. Fly to India, and then to Ireland, South Africa and Australia. Just fly all over the place!

Q. Which movie was better Baahubali 2 or Padmavat?

Koricon: I don’t compare them coz they are different genres. Baahubali is a fanstasy with fanstastical heroes, over the top action because they have mythological power. Padmavat is more of a drama and after I saw the movie I was like, I think if you are a Rajput, you will be proud of this movie!  

koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions
Q. How frequently do you upload the videos on YouTube?

Koricon: Well, I have been trying to do about 3 to 4 videos a week. I would like to get to 1 video a day. But I can’t always meet that with 2 jobs and bipolar it doesn’t always work out that way. I would film something ahead of time that I can release later. I see myself more as a reviewer than a reactor.  I do reactions but I am more interested in doing the review part after the reaction.

Q. How to overcome shyness in front of the camera? 

Koricon: I’m not shy (laughs loudly)! When I was a teenager I was very shy because I was bullied a lot and beat up a lot for being really big! I was a big kid and I had Calcaneal Apophysitis which was a thing in my heal and my heals would fracture and I was in a wheelchair for about 5 or six months out of the year for about 4 or 5 years when I was growing up. 

So I got really fat, and then I got beat up for, made fun off. When I went to college I started talking to everybody. I like to joke around & I like to see people smile and laugh.
koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions

Q. Any secret you want to share with us which you have never shared on any other platform

Koricon: One thing that I haven’t mentioned very often is I’m bipolar 2. I have mild dyslexia. Sometimes it’s hard for me to read, because my brain has 15-20 things going on at the same time, and it’s hard for me to concentrate on reading the words and I end up reading the sentence over and over again. It takes me a long time to read things but I get through it. 

But I think the bipolar helps me with reviewing films that have subtitles, because I can concentrate on multiple things at the same time. So I can read subtitles and I can also see the entire movie in my peripheral. Bipolar does help me in multi task in my head all the time. 

koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions

Q. The weirdest thing your viewer has done for you?

Koricon: The weirdest thing happened recently, where Madhavan (Indian Actor) got Amazon to get me Amazon prime account so I could review his show “Breathe” How weird is it; like a major star like Madhavan re- tweets your thing saying he watched my review of Vikram Vedha last year and  offered to get me an Amazon prime account! 

That’s just weird, way out there! Other than that I got a few things which fans have mailed to me; like movies. Some fans paid for my Baahubali 2 movie ticket so I could just watch it with them! 

koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions

Q. Your favorite destination where you want to visit?

Koricon: I have always wanted to go India, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil and Teotihuacan, right outside of Mexico City. I love ancient culture so I have always wanted to see the sun temple, and moon temple at Teotihuacan, I thought that would be awesome.  

Q. Your favorite movie?

Koricon: I don’t have favorites of things but I do have one favorite movie it’s because of nostalgia, “The Princess Bride” I could watch that movie every day, I love that movie. It’s got a love fantasy, and a lot of humor.
koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions
Q. Any Indian YouTuber who is your favorite?

Koricon: Recently I had been watching Pesh entertainment. I like the fact that he is very much like me and he is himself on camera.  

Q. How much do you earn from YouTube?

Koricon: Almost nothing. I was in a MCN (multi channel network). Any money that you make goes to them and they take a cut and then they give it to you.

koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions

Q. How do you deal with negative comments and haters?

Koricon: Negative comments are not always bad. They could just be different opinion. Whenever someone throws negative stuff at me, it doesn’t bother me at all.
We hope this interview was a delightful read for Koricon’s fans. Movie lovers should definitely visit & subscribe his channel because it’s full of awesome movie reviews and reactions that will make you smile and give you great insights about the movie.
koricon nala, youtube, movie reviews and reactions

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