Sharmaji Technical interviewed by Kinggs Writer, shares YouTube Earnings & Tips, Favorite Destination and more!

Praval Sharma better known as Sharmaji Technical, was kind enough to answer questions for our Blog Interview Series. You are about to find some of the best things about him, his other side which he generally never reveals on his YouTube Channel.   
He has shared extremely useful tips for YouTubers– how to keep content engaging and fresh, dealing with negative comments and shyness. He has also shared his earnings from his YouTube Channel for the year 2017-2018.         


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Sharmaji had answered our questions and we are extremely overjoyed to publish this quick interview in this Post. We are sure you will find his answers as witty and informative as we did. 

He is really one gem of a person who loves what he is doing. He is passionate about Tech and has dedicated his life to help people with his knowledge in this field.  
In this quick blog interview with Kinggs Writer, Sharmaji Technical has given amazing answers with utmost honesty. Read on to know about him in this exclusive blog post by Vishal & Shubhi.

How do you find the inspiration for every video? You keep your content fresh and engaging, how do you do that?
Sharmaji: It’s a tricky question which I ask myself daily what should I do today, so there is no fixed or straight answer.  

What message you would give to someone who wants to start a YouTube channel?
Sharmaji: Don’t do the same thing or same way someone else is doing.
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One super power for a day, which would you choose?
Sharmaji: To became the owner of YouTube, so that I can delete many youtube accounts.
How to overcome shyness in front of the camera?
Sharmaji: It takes some time, so no its time taking process, you need to be confident.
Tell us about your most favorite mobile which you have reviewed?
Sharmaji: Nokia 3310 2017
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There are so many tech channels now; does this affect your channel in some way?
Sharmaji: Yes, they affect directly and indirectly, but this is life you have to handle this along with your work.
Your favorite destination where you want to visit?
Sharmaji: My Mother’s home.

The weirdest thing your viewer has done for you?
Sharmaji: There are many things which many viewers do, so not able to realize which is most weirdest thing.

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How do you deal with negative comments and haters?
Sharmaji: I completely ignore them and if there is any really important suggestion, I take care of it.
Any secret you want to share with us which you have never shared on any other platform  
Sharmaji: I don’t know, as of now. If you ask me something then I can answer.
Any Indian YouTuber who is your favorite?
Sharmaji: Nishamadhulika.

How much do you earn from YouTube?
Sharmaji: 2017-18 I earned 20 Lakh, so about 1.66 lakh per month from YouTube.

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Apart from YouTube, which other source of Online Earning do you use?
Sharmaji: There are few affiliates and few sponsorships.
Do you prefer Adsense or Affiliate marketing for your channel?  
Sharmaji: Both, affiliate is a genuine love which a subscriber give.

If money and fame were not important factors, which profession you would have chosen and why?
Sharmaji: I select Tech Support field, which I found myself connected to from my college time. So I am also doing the same with money and fame.

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We are sure the fans have loved this little blog post interview with Sharmaji Technical. 

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Sir, we are grateful that we got a chance to interview you. You are one of the most humble persons we had seen. You have supported and encouraged emerging bloggers and YouTubers always, and we are thankful that you encouraged & inspired us.

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