4 Easy Ways to Make Money from Your Mobile

Earn from Mobile by installing apps! It’s a legit way of earning some extra cash.
Making Money Online has become a trend because everyone loves to have extra cash. Most people use android phones without knowing they could earn from it.  

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Remember, that these won’t give you thousands of dollars but they are worth it because they give you money, little by little.
These apps can be used by Android mobile users only. Apple users cannot use or download such apps.
You must install the Lockscreen apps to make money this way. So before we take a look at these 4 amazing apps, it’s important to understand how such apps work to earn easily.  

How Lockscreen Apps work?

When you install this kind of app, an ad will appear each time you unlock the mobile. Now, it depends on you whether you watch or engage with the ad or simply swipe to get to the home screen.
Amount paid will depend on whether you have to watch the ad or not. This does not mean that if you keep locking & unlocking you’ll earn more.  

Use the phone normally as you are doing it now (without having such apps).
These apps use algorithms and different criteria on which you’ll earn.
Depending on convenience install more than one lockscreen app. This surely increases your earnings but then you’ll swipe more than once to unlock the phone.

4 Mobile Apps To Make Money

1. Adme

When you install the app, referral code you get can be shared. You’ll get extra bonus apart from earnings. Whether you engage or click the ad or not you are still paid for it.    
The payment is made into your PayPal account and the minimum payout is $10.

2. Whaff Locker

 Another lockscreen app where you get paid for clicking or engaging with ad. Plus point of using this app is that you will know when you will earn and how much. 
If cash is available for you, they will send ads on your mobile. If there is no money available, you won’t get any ads before unlocking the screen.

3. Fronto   

This app gives you ads, article for reading, engage in surveys or promotions etc. You must engage or click on the ads or content to get paid. This app does not pay you if you simply swipe and do not engage with its content.
Fronto gives multiple ways to be paid and this is why it’s one of the best and most popular lockscreen apps on the market.  

4. PerkScreen

This app is a good way to make an extra $10-15 a month. Whether you click on ads or not you’ll still get paid to keep the app in phone. You can also use the app to watch videos, do surveys or little task.  
By referring others, you can make extra bonus points.

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Final Thoughts on Lockscreen Apps

Making Money with Mobile is definitely a good thing to make little extra cash. Remember that these apps can never take the place of regular sources of income like jobs or part-time work or earning from business. 
These are good enough to pay for little things like mobile recharge or online shopping. Most people use mobiles and are  not earning anything.
But by simply installing such apps, earning extra money like $10-30 dollars a month is feasible. 
Not much, but still good to go for making money from your mobile.
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