14 Best Apps For Teaching & Making Money Online

If you know English, you can make some extra money. Here are those platforms and apps which pay people for teaching English to students across globe.
Before applying to them, make sure to check their rules, eligibility. Some may require certain qualifications but others won’t require any teaching experience at all. You should check everything about the apps on their official website.
The best thing of using these apps is that you can easily teach from your home or where ever you are. The platforms even offer you teaching material so you can easily impart knowledge of language.  
The pay could range from $10 to $40 per hour. This would depend on teaching skills and how many classes you take.  Earn more by teaching on multiple apps or take more classes.
 So as example, if you take 5 classes and get paid $15 dollar for each you’ll easily earn $75 dollars in just few hours.
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14 Apps to Teach English & Make Money  

  1. Gogokid
  2. Palfish
  3. Chegg
  4. Nice Talk
  5. Say ABC
  6. Magic Ears
  8. Tutlo
  9. ITalki
  10. Same Speak
  11. Lingo Kids
  12. Two Sigmas
  13. Best Teacher
  14. HugoEnglish
 You can apply on them and get approved to start teaching & earning. 
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